Wallis Bird released her new record WOMAN today

Wallis Bird released her new album WOMAN today! Happiest Release Day!

"Today is the 27th of September 2019. I’m sharing my best work ‘Woman’ with you. I’m happy to. She’s a good woman. Give her time. Talk to her, sing with her. She’s happy to meet you. 

The best time to listen to it is at your weekly album club, in the pub you work in, at the school you teach, in the gym, walking from the meeting, having dinner, at your desk, while you’re doing the laundry, in the car in the rain, all day every day any time of the day, and frequently. An album is for life, not just for now. Love ya x"

You can get Woman at your recordstore (on Vinyl or CD) or buy online/stream here (here’s a collection of links)