NEWS 2012

Thank you for 2012

Karakter Worldwide wants to say thanks to their artists and their business partners for an exciting, intense, and so fur the most successful year. It was a great year with all of you :-) We are looking forward to an even greater year 2013 and the right steps togehter with our artists and business partners.

Anais Mitchell in 2012 Best Of Lists

The album Young Man in America is already getting listed in various 'Best of 2012' lists, including MOJO's number 1 Folk Album of 2012, and featuring in both Uncut's Top 75 Albums of 2012, and Uncut's Top 10 Americana Albums.


Get Well Soon just finished the last tourblock for 2012. Supporting the album "The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads", Get Well Soon hit the road all over europe with great shows in Brussels, London, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Mailand and many many more. We like to thank you all for coming & supporting Get Well Soon.

SIZARR Release Tour

SIZARR just finished their release tour. We are very proud that the band got great responses on each of the 15 shows. We wanna say thank you for sold out shows and to everybody, who made this successful tour happen. Sizarr will be back touring in 2013.

Wallis Bird at Inas Nacht

Wallis Bird had a great TV appearance at "Ina's Nacht", one of the biggeste german national TV shows. Here is a link, where you can watch Wallis performing "Encore". Wallis is currently on her last tour for this year.

Anais Mitchell BBC Folk Award nomination

Anais has been nominated for Best Original Song at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards for the song 'Tailor'. It's highly unusual for an American to be nominated for such a traditionally British-dominated series of awards, and we're very proud and honoured.

RUSSKAJA in the Studio

Russkaja are in the studio at the moment and working on their high energetical new album, which will be released worldwide in spring next year with Napalm Records.

Marla Blumenblatt signs to FOUR Music

Marla Blumenblatt is producing her debut album at the moment, which will be released in 2013. We are excited to announce that Marla signed a label deal with 4music/Sony recently.

Anais Mitchell USA Tour

The final Young Man in America tour kicks off at the end of November in the US, including dates in New York, DC, Boston. In January, Anais will open for the Punch Brothers across the US before releasing her new album "Child Ballads" in February.

Anais - Bon Iver

Anais Mitchell has just completed a US tour with Bon Iver, culminating in two sold out shows at the legendary Radio City Music Hall in New York. Next month she embarks on a final east coast headlining tour with the Young Man band.


We are happy to announce that The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads entered the german charts on #19. France on #48, Austria on #15 and on #30 in Switzerland. Thank you all that have worked so hard on the release and for this masterpiece of an album.

SIZARR on #73

We are very happy and proud to announce that SIZARR's dubut album "Psycho Boy Happy" entered the german album charts on #73. The press quotes for the album are fantastic and the upcoming tour in October/November includes 16 dates in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Go Sizarr go.....

Wallis dates Irlan, GSA & Ina Mueller Support

After her first couple of successful shows in the US Wallis will be back touring in Europe in Autumn. Besides that she got invited by charming german TV queen Ina Mueller to support her on 10 of her upcoming shows in November.

Russkaja Tour

Russkaja, the east european turbopolka-fighters got invited by Subway To Sally to be part of the "Eisheilige Nacht"-shows in December for 10 shows. The new album of Russkaja will be released in 2013

Get Well Soon Scarlet Tour

Get Well Soon are about to hit the road again. After releasing The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads on August 24 the will play shows in September, October and November, visiting Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, UK, Switzerland, Italy & Netherlands.

Get Well Soon - Album Release

Besides a great festival summer (including Rock En Seine) the new Get Well Soon record "The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads" (City Slang) will be released on the 24.08.2012. It's another stunning album once again, and we are very excited for the release.

Sizarr - Album Release

One week after the last festival appearance (Berlin Festival) for the summer SIZARR are going to release their debut album "Psycho Boy Happy" on Columbia Records. We already love the album!

Wallis Bird - Autumn Tour

On the back of the successful release of the 3rd album "Wallis Bird", Wallis will be back with another tour; around 20 live dates in Europe and the first dates outside of Europe as well.

Anais Mitchell - Cambridge Folk Festival highlight

Anais is about to wrap up her third set of UK appearances this year, and was one of the artists picked out by the Daily Telegraph as a highlight of the Cambridge Folk Festival. Next month, Anais hits the road with Bon Iver in the USA.

Marcus Wuest

After finishing the album production with Konstantin Gropper for Get Well Soon and a successful release of the latest Wallis Bird album, Marcus mixed the upcoming Sizarr record and is already working on more projects for 2013.

David Lemaitre plays TV Noir

David Lemiatre plays well recieved TV and Internet show TV Noir on July 29th at Heimathafen NeuKölln. The show is already sold out and will be shown on YouTube, their internet page and zdf.Kultur. We are very excited. The show mixes performances, songs, interviews and some games and is filmed in black & white.

Russkaja - Wacken Open Air

Besides working on their new album, the east european turbo metal polka will rock Wacken Open Air the 2nd time in a row. The biggest metal festival is sold out completly. Traktor Traktor….

Marla Blumenblatt

Marla is working on her debut album at the moment, which is to be released in 2013, dance baby dance!


We are delighted to announce that Anais Mitchell will open for Bon Iver on their September US tour. Anais opened for Bon Iver in Europe a few years ago and Justin Vernon sang the part of Orpheus on her much beloved folk-opera album 'Hadestown'. This new run of dates includes two already sold-out shows at New York's legendary Radio City Music Hall.

Sizarr - Boarding Time

Sizarr is about to release a seven inch picture vinyl of the track "Boarding Time" as a first single of the terrific debut album that is about to be released on the 14th of September 2012 via Columbia/Four Music/Sony. The tracklisting is:

1. Boarding Time

2. Boarding Time (Anenon Euphoria Mix)

3. Boarding Time (Exeter Remix)

4. Boarding Time (Yoki Horikawa Remix)

The Kids take over now!

Russkaja and Battleship Potemkin

It was a great honor, Russkaja were asked to compose a new original soundtrack for the legendary russian picture "Pattleship Potemkin" (Panzerkreuz Potemkmin / Броненосец «Потёмкин». The epic movie was one of the most influencial movie in the early 1920s and named "the greatest film of all times" by Brussel's World Fair in 1958. The soundtrack was also performed live by Russkaja in Austria and Switzerland

Get Well Soon Tour and Festivals

We are happy to announce all festivals and the tour for Get Well Soon this year!

There are some very special shows like Rock En Seine in Paris / Musikfestwochen Winterthur with Sigur Ros (sold out) the Astra in Berlin, Lueften Festival in June, the dates in france, Große Feiheit 36 in Hamburg etc.

Maifeld Derby 2

Thank you all folks that worked and were involved at the second Maifeld Derby in Mannheim this year! We and the visitors had a blast with over 40 bands and 3.5 stages. The line up included Sizarr, Anais Mitchell, Blood Red Shoes, Friskar Viljor, Friitenbude, We Have Band, Olli Schulz, Balthazar, Tu Fawning and many more.

Wallis Shows and Festivals

Thank you all for a wonderful and successful Wallis Bird tour to the actual selftitled album and all the radio shows and tv stations for the support! After shows in Italy and London we're looking now into a nice festival summer and more shows to come.


Anais Mitchell on Europe Tour

After HADESTOWN, NYC's / Vermont's Anais Mitchell returned to a Europe tour including her band for playing some sold out dates in the UK, Germany, Italy and Ireland with her current record "Young Man In America".

Get Well Soon and CitySland leek track

The all new Get Well Soon album number 3 "The Scarlet Beast O'Seven Heads" will be released on August 24 and turned out so perfect we only could dream for. Seriously! PromotionCopies will soon find the way to the editors, online portals and magazines! To shorten the time, CitySland and Get Well Soon have leeked a track from the album called "You Cannot Cast Out The Demons (You Might As Well Dance)".

Russkaja & Napalm Records

RUSSKAJA has signed a record label deal with Napalm Records! Russkaja plays a mix of heavy polka beats, thrash metal, world jazz, and rock in the vein of Frank Zappa, combined with a dirty brass section. This results in a highly explosive genre, which they named Russian turbo polka rock.


Anais Mitchell's "Young Man In America" has been released worldwide to incredible reviews and sell out shows in the UK and US. We'll let a small selection of quotes speak for themselves:

"Sensational" CD of the Week, The Sunday Times

"Mitchell continues to snap at the heels of PJ Harvey" 4 stars, Clash Magazine

"Phenomenal...already one of the albums of 2012" 4 stars, Rolling Stone

"Beautifully original" 4 stars, The Daily Telegraph

"A true American original" 4 stars, Q Magazine

"A marvel of a record from start to finish" 4 stars, BBC Music

"One to treasure" 5 stars, The Irish Independent

Wallis enters irish charts at #11

We are psyched. Wallis self-titled album entered the irish album charts at #11 in the first week. Thank you everybody that worked hard on that. Wallis & Band start to tour this week in germany, austria & switzerland.

Bon Iver covers Anais Mitchell

We were so excited to see Bon Iver's Justin Vernon covering Anais Mitchel's "Coming Down" on a australian radio show. The track is taken from Anais actual album "Young Man In America"

Watch the whole performance here:

Wallis Bird iPhone App

Thanks to the Berlin based company Pretty.Digits there is now a Wallis Bird iPhone APP available for free at the iTunes Store worldwide. They designed in cooperation with us an amazon tool for the fans, including exclusive content like a docuentary, 4 remixes and many many features like news, videos, concert calendar, facebook connection, biography, discography and the FAN FINDER, where via google maps Wallis fans can see each other around and get in touch via twitter. This all is right at your fingertips.

Wallis Music Mag Cover

Beside many other features and reviews all over Europe Wallis is on the cover of Akustik Gitarre, Germany's

leading magazine for guitar players. Nice.


We are happy to announce that Get Well Soon has a new live setup. For 2012, the upcoming album & tour and beyond, there is a new structure. Get Well Soon is represented by Kalle Lundgren Smith of Pitch&Smith based in Stockholm for all european territories, except for germany, austria and switzerland. These countries will be represented by Guenter Linnartz of Karsten Jahnke Agency, based in Hamburg. We are looking forward to all that will happen and are more than excited!

Wallis plays with The Gossip

Wallis is invited to support THE GOSSIP on one of their few shows this year in Europe:

10th July, Venue: Burg Clam, Town: Clam bei Linz, Country: Austria


This just made our day!

Get Well Soon & Sigur Ros

2012 will be a terriffic year and maybe the last one on earth. Salut to that, we are thirilled to announce a first show for Get Well Soon in 2012 which is in Switzerland, Musikfestwochen Winterthur, Sigur Ros and Get Well Soon.

David on Tour with Max Prosa

David is touring with Max Prosa at the moment. A lot of the venues are already sold out, so grab your ticket quick and see them both in Hamburg, Berlin, Kaiserslautern, Munich, Zurich, Stuttgart and 3 times in Erfurt!


We are very pleased to report that Get Well Soon's song "I Sold My Hands For Food, So Please Feed Me" was chosen for the new Jil Sanders ad for their upcoming fraquence called "Eve" for women. The spot stars german actress Karoline Herfurt as well.

Wallis, David, Sizarr at EUROSONIC 2012

We are looking forward to this year EUROSONIC FESTIVAL 2012 in Groningen/Netherlands.

It is the biggest showcase festival in Europe for the live market and three Karakter Management artists will perform there, this thursday Wallis Bird will perform at Huize Maas Front 21.30h-22.15h // David Lemaitre will play on friday at Forum Images from 20.40h-21.20h / and SIZARR will play on friday on Simplon Up from 0.00h-0.45h!

WALLIS - The Mistakes Are Intentional

In anticipation of the March 9th 2012 release of Wallis' third full-length album - entitled "Wallis Bird" – Wallis has additionally recorded solo acoustic versions of each song on the album. We've put these versions together to create a special limited edition solo acoustic album called "The Mistakes Are Intentional" which you can buy even before "Wallis Bird" comes out in 2012!

So for those of you who can't wait for the release of "Wallis Bird", this will give you a very special acoustic preview of the songs that will be on it. For the collectors among you, it's rather like a companion edition to 'Wallis Bird" & early christmas present!

The solo versions were recorded in Wallis' home in London during the summer of 2011. Of course the album "Wallis Bird" will feature her full band once again, so "The Mistakes are Intentional" contains very intimate, acoustic interpretations of the same songs that will appear on 'Wallis Bird".