KARAKTER is an artist management company based in Berlin and London. Its philosophy is to work honestly and openly with our artists. We have a holistic approach to management, working with artists and producers with strong individual characters and finding the right path to represent them in the most appropriate way – whether that should be on a consultancy basis or full management basis.

As team-players, Karakter Worldwide also expects our artists and business partners to be team-players too. Good working relationships are a crucial foundation for a successful venture. Great music alone is not enough, because so many other things influence whether a career will be successful or not. We take a long-term view with our clients, building relationships and effective strategies to maximize our artists’ potential for a long and healthy career.

Over the last ten years, Karakter artists have released many successful albums; were nominated for, or won, awards (Tony Awards, BBC Folk Awards, Grammy, Echo, Choice Music Prize, Meteor Awards, Deutscher Musikautorenpreis, Preis fuer Popkultur, Amadeus Awards among others); their music was chosen for movies, Netflix & television series and advertising campaigns; they’ve collaborated with respected film directors and created a Broadway musical; and played thousands of live shows and festivals worldwide.