Wallis Bird - Canada-Tour

After a great weekend at Winnipeg Folk Festival Wallis Bird will play a few more festivals and shows in Canada in July: 
July 10th Edmonton, The Almanac
July 11th Edmonton, Festival Place
July 14-15th Vancouver Folk Music Festival 
July 20th Toronto, The Drake
July 21st Montreal, O Patro Vys 
July 26-29th Calgary Folk Music Festival

Here is a little impression from Winnipag Folk last weekend!


WALLIS BIRD - Reeling in the years“ - 2000s

Wallis Bird - REELING IN THE YEARS - A SONG FOR EVERY DECADE - 2000s (2000 - 2009). People can vote, Wallis will cover the song with the most vote's. After releasing the song for the 2010s last Friday, here are the choices for the 2000s:  1. Worldwide Smash Hit: Amy Winehouse- Back To Black / 2. Indie Gamechanger: Anthony And The Johnsons, Hope There’s Someone / 3. Undeniable Gem: Radiohead - 15 step / Voting is open now for 2 days!

WALLIS BIRD - Release day of the first song for „Reeling in the years"

RELEASE DAY! Today we're releasing Wallis Bird's version of  Janelle Monáe's song ‘Tightrope’. The first chapter of the ‘Reeling In The Years’ - project (Over the coming months Wallis will do a cover of a song from every decade). You can listen to it here: umg.lnk.to/WallisBird_Tightrope Next Monday we'll reveal the next 3 song to chose from from the 2000’s decade. A little spoiler here: 3 great tunes!

Inner Tongue - New album 'FAVOURS' out now

We are excited to announce that Inner Tongue's debut record 'FAVOURS' is out today. You can buy&listen to the record here: http://bit.ly/favours2018 A few press quote's: "Eine der spannendsten Platten des Jahres.” (Intro Magazin) / Inner Tongue’s album ‚Favours‘ is out now. 'Dreamy music of delicacy and real depth.‘ (The Guardian) / 'Thoughtful Beats, dreamy plucked guitars, a warm singing. That all sounds very positive like a mix of Sohn, James Blake and Chet Faker.' (NOISEY)

Get Well Soon - The Series

Get Well Soon - The Horror - The Series. Here's the trailer for the upcoming series 'The Horror' - music video as a proper series. This Friday the first of four episode's will be launched. Thanks to Jan Bonny (currently one of the most exciting german directors), a great cast and the bangon people from the Bildundtonfabrik. A bit about the story: Christine is trying to fight for guidelines limiting the development of artificial intelligence, Jean thinks he has the natural instincts of his lab animals under control. A married couple in an open relationship is trying for a therapeutical way out of their crisis, alone in a holiday home. And then there are black dogs everywhere. It’s about nothing less than: artificial intelligence, artificial emotions, the fight for and against human nature, the overcoming of emotions and most of all about the one emotion that can’t be overcome: FEAR.That sounds pretty abstract, but it isn’t. But watch yourself from Friday on. Watch trailer here: https://bit.ly/2LqqqIb