Get Well Soon - The Series

Get Well Soon - The Horror - The Series. Here's the trailer for the upcoming series 'The Horror' - music video as a proper series. This Friday the first of four episode's will be launched. Thanks to Jan Bonny (currently one of the most exciting german directors), a great cast and the bangon people from the Bildundtonfabrik. A bit about the story: Christine is trying to fight for guidelines limiting the development of artificial intelligence, Jean thinks he has the natural instincts of his lab animals under control. A married couple in an open relationship is trying for a therapeutical way out of their crisis, alone in a holiday home. And then there are black dogs everywhere. It’s about nothing less than: artificial intelligence, artificial emotions, the fight for and against human nature, the overcoming of emotions and most of all about the one emotion that can’t be overcome: FEAR.That sounds pretty abstract, but it isn’t. But watch yourself from Friday on. Watch trailer here: