SAM VANCE-LAW - Album release

So many great things were written about this album. And everything was right ;-) Happy release day to our family member Sam Vance-Law with his fantastic debut record "Homotopia". When we've heart first things a long time ago, we felt in love with his music and him. Thanks to everybody, who joined this way, last but not least a big thank you for the early support and believe to everybody involved, especially to Caroline International Germany, Konstantin Gropper aka Get Well SoonWallis BirdMarcus Wuest, Sams band, everybody else who helped to make this record, BMGKonzertbüro Schoneberg, our internal team and last but not least Sam for a great album and an important message! Happy release day everybody! And now get the album everybody! Buy the album on Vinyl, CD or digital or stream it on your streaming platform: