THANK YOU FOR A GREAT 2018 and Happy Christmas everybody!

Thanks 2018! We had a brilliant year, with great releases, festivals and tours, theatre premiere’s, award nominations and winning awards, synch-placements, chart entries and most of all: great music & great people that we’re working with - everybody with the right spirit that art matters. We’ve released successful albums this year that we’re very proud of; some of our artists are working on new albums for next year; our artists played over 300 festivals and shows in Europe, North America, South America, Japan and Australia; there was a third musical theatre show production that opened recently in London and the 4th will open on Broadway in New York next year; we’ve welcomed a great new family member this year: „Steiner&Madlaina“. our other sister company LYA - Love Your Artist working with over 150 artists, festivals and local promoters for a fairer and more transparent ticketing and merchandise market. And our other sister ,Heavy German Shit' is heading in a great direction as well, working with great people such as Giulia Becker, Katjana Gerz, Stefan Titze, Florentin Will, Jan Boehmermann, RTO Ehrenfeld, and recently promoting american comedy such as Bill Burr etc! Thanks to everybody within the Karakter family for working with so much passion and heart for our artists and projects; thanks to all of our business partners who work hard together with us; and most of all: thanks to our artists and to the fans who this music makes a difference to. It’s been a long and busy year, but we’re very excited and looking forward to everything that 2019 is going to bring!

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