Sam Vance-Law - over 100.000 plays on Spotify and BBC6 music support

Sam Vance-Law's first song Prettyboy has over 100.000 on Spotify after just a few weeks. Nice. The first of a lot of brilliant songs of a debut record! Tom Robinson @ BBC6 music: ""Just on a personal note, I grew up as a teenager in the 60s and I had a big crisis because I fell in love with another boy at school and in those days that was just completely unacceptable. There was no role model to tell you you could have a happy life out there and, as a music fan, there was no music whatsoever that kind of reflected the way I felt about the world and about other people. And it’s just so lovely to hear young artists today who are just able to express themselves whatever their feelings are and whoever they are and whoever you happen to be as a music fan, you can find some variant of music that will reflect the way you see the world.”