KARAKTER was founded by Peter Putz, Liz Riches and Maximilian Schenkel. Each of us had previously spent considerable time working in various areas of the entertainment industry, including publishing, labels, music television, film, publicity, lecturing about the music business at European and US universities and colleges, live booking and design.

In 2005 we brought our collective skills together to create a company that would be in line with our own philosophies and principles. In a time where this industry concentrates more and more on quantity and conveyor-belt short term success, we believe in focusing on the quality of our artists and of our own work.

In the meantime, the Karakter team around the three founders has grown with great like-minded people, who share the same principles and work ethos.

Karakter additionally provides consultation services to other businesses and holds a number of strategic partnerships with different labels, publishers, distributors and live promoters.